[Solved] Strymon Volante Issue

Hello everyone,

I have an MC8 and I’m have issues with my messages getting through to my Specular Tempus. My midi chain is MC8 OUT >>> Automatone Preamp IN >>> Automatone Thru >>>> Volante IN >>>> Volante Out ( Changed it to Midi Thru in Advance configuration ) >>>> Specular Tempus IN…

PC and CC messages go through Automatone and Volante just fine but messages don’t reach the Tempus. The culprit seems to be the Volante since I already tried different midi cables, changed the midi chain from MC8 to volante to automatone to tempus ( Messages didn’t reach Automatone and Tempus this time). I also just ran the MC8 OUT to just the Tempus IN to double check if the issue was the Tempus but messages went through without a problem.

Sorry if this is an obvious answer to you all but I’m not sure where the problem lies .Thanks in advance!

Did you enable MIDI Thru on the Volante?

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Thank you so much James! Messages are getting through now. I appreciate the help, cheers!

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Oh my god… I’ve literally been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why my second midi pedal in the chain wasn’t getting messages… THANK YOU!!!