[Solved] Strymon Troubleshoot

Hey guys!

So I have the MC8 connected to the Strymon Sunset via Omniport 3 Stereo TRS cable. I was doing a basic test to check the communication. The MIDI communication is correct but it isn’t trigger the Sunset pedal (see screenshot).

I’m not sure what I’m not doing correctly.
Appreciate the help, as always!

btw - these are my current MIDI settings

Your settings look correct - sending a CC#10 Value 127 will engage the A side of the Sunset. If it doesn’t work, there are a few things to troubleshoot.

  1. Is your Sunset device set to MIDI channel 3 to match the message you are sending?
  2. Are you using a TRS cable to connect to Omniport to the Sunset?
  3. Did you buy the device brand new? If so, then the default jumper positions should be correct. If not, remove the backplate on the MC8 to check that the jumpers are set correctly for the Sunset.

Thanks, James. I reset the Sunset MIDI to Channel 3 and it worked.

Appreciate the troubleshooting, as always!


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