[Solved] Preset Scroll only selecting every other midi number

I had this set up on my Headrush Gigboard and it was working fine. I had 16 GigBoard patches in one setlist and I could use the MC3 controller to scroll up and down through the patches.

I have now set up six banks on the MC3 and set the upper and lower limits in the Scroll up/down settings to match the midi numbers in the GB set lists. The MC3 is now scrolling through the patches but selecting every other midi number. Ex 1,3,5 and ignoring the others. Any ideas? It seems simple enough and the only thing that I’m trying to accomplish at the moment.

EDIT: And when I go the another bank on the MC3. The GB patch is not being selected. Nothing is happening. I can’t understand why having more than one bank is breaking it.

I had Preset Message Scoll set to on for the first bank, and that seemed to be causing me some issues. I also had toggle 1 set instead of “both” in a couple of places. So basically user error.

Thanks for the update! Glad the issue is solved.