[Solved] Morningstar MC8 bug (Msg button does not work)


  • sending CC messages results into unwanted auto-switching to bank up or bank down
  • (sending Note or other messages does not result into this strange bug “auto-switching to bank up or bank down”)
  • hitting any “Msg x” button does NOT result in sending any assigned messages at all!

(Ableton and MIDI Monitor app did not get any messages by hitting these Msg buttons)

No luck with both of my MC8 units running latest fw OR latest beta fw. No luck neither using desktop editor nor using beta web editor (Chrome and Opera). Running latest MacOS.


Thanks for raising this. I think I’ve replied your question on Facebook, but I just want to add the answer to this here:

When you click on the Msg button, if it is a CC, PC or note message programmed in the message, the MIDI message will be sent to the controller. If cross MIDI thru is turned on, the controller will pass the message out to the DIN MIDI OUT port. The editor does not send the message to other software running in your computer.

The reason why your controller is banking up when you send a CC is because it’s a CC#0 message, and it is sent on the same MIDI channel as your controller. If you look at the MIDI implementation for our devices, CC#0 controls the Bank Up function.

In the latest v3.8 firmware, we have updated the controller to re-send the USB MIDI IN messages back to USB MIDI OUT, so that should help you with using the Editor and Ableton.

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Thank you very much! Works great!

Nice x-mas days for the Morningstar team!