[Solved] ML5 latency when switching between drives

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’ve got an MC6 which is toggling through Mobius and Collider presets - it works great. One press to advance, a double tap to go back.
I have also set up my drives into a ML5. Now this is working and I love that I can just access them so easily.
However, there is a lag/latency when I switch them on and off. i’ve tried changing the sensitivity but it doesn’t do much.
Would love some assistance to get this working smoothly and properly.
Thanks, Dean

Are you referring to the volume cut when you switch? That is the muted switching feature which can be turned off on the ML5: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ML5/pages/491730/ML5+User+Manual#Muted-Switching

Hi James, I just tried that with great excitement, hoping it would work but alas it did not. When I switch in a drive, theres like a dip in volume, a slight lag, before it kicks in. Any other suggestions? I take it this isnt normal right? My mobius and collider presets all select with no delay, but they are not going through the ML5 either. Thanks

yes the dip in volume is normal if the muted switching feature is turned on. you’ll notice that the red led dims when the ML5 is switching. The steps to turn the feature off is in the link shared earlier.

If you’re still facing issues with it, can you share a video of the switching and the steps you’re taking to turn off the feature?

Totally fixed it. Before I was only adjusting the timing rather than switching it off. Once I switched them all off I was good, problem solved. Thank you heaps for helping with this. Cheers, Dean

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Is there a solution to the same volume cut I experience on an MC-3? Tried using highest switch sensitivity and currently using release and long press for different actions. Hearing it most clearly with Strymon Sunset though it happens with other pedals as well.

If there is a volume cut when switching then it’s related to the muted switching feature. You’ll just need to turn that off for all the loops. ML5 User Manual

I looked at the ML5 user manual but couldn’t figure out how to translate that to the MC-3. I also scoured the MC-3 user manual and could also find nothing about the mute function. Apologies for my newb-ness. This is my first time using MIDI.

It’s not related to the MC3 at all. The MC3 can just be programmed to tell the ML5 which loops to switch. But the muted function is on the ML5 itself. Unless that is not what you are referring to. Then perhaps a video would be useful to better understand the issue.

Oh ok. Yeh I use the MC3 only. Though I think I have figured out what the issue is. Chalk this one up to just being a newb. I have a Strymon Sunset and I have different presets for verse and chorus, etc. Every time I would go to a verse or chorus I was issuing a PC message to pull up a preset. Which meant the pedal had to cycle through and reinitiate the appropriate circuits every time. Even if I pulled up the same preset, it would still have a cut out while it initiated what I asked of it. It seems to be a function of the pedal pulling up a preset and not the MC3 itself. One just has to utilize the PC message strategically. If, instead, I use CC messages to change parameters, there is virtually no cut out. The only problem there is if there are a lot of parameters to change on multiple devices, then one can run up against the 16 message limit. So, I learned something new.