[Solved] MC8 Switches Don't Function?

Just set up my MC8 with with the editor software. Disconnected from the editor to work on the effects pedals but the MC8 switches do nothing. Where do I start / look to fix this?

The display is as I arranged it in the editor for each bank/preset. Just can’t navigate via the MC8 switches.

Hi, can you share a screenshot of what you have programmed in the editor?

You can use www.midimonitor.com to check what messages generated by the MC8 when you press a switch.

The settings looks fine there. Does anything appear in the MIDI monitor when you press the switch?

Nothing shows up in Midi Monitor when any switch is depressed. Can’t bank up / down with the simultaneous switch function either.

Which firmware are you using? Can you share a video on this issue? From programming on the editor to disconnecting it and then trying to bank up / down.

FW version 3.7.4 updated on 10/19/20. First thing I did before I started editing. Editor version 1.0.13 for FW versions 3.7 and above. This site won’t let me upload a video file format.

Do send us the video via email.

Question: Is there anything connected to your omniports? Are you using stereo cables to the omniports? Mono cables will cause this behavior

I’ll email the video.
Yes, 3 omniports are connected. 2 TRS and 1 TS In Port 2 for a momentary switch. I’ll remove the TS and report.

Ah ok then it’s highly likely due to the TS cable. Because the controller will be reading it as a switch being pressed ( as the ring and ground are shorted ) and hence the controller does not respond until this is lifted.

Do let me know once you manage to test it again. I saw the email and will review it once Im in office and after your test. Thanks!

All good. Removed the TS cable from port 2 and switches are working. Thanks so much!

Now on to my next challenge of tapping tempo into an Omni-port. I’ll start a new thread.

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A tap tempo button with a TRS cable should work, no?

Yes, a single/double momentary switch connected to the controller with a TRS will work