[Solved] MC6 mkii bank change HX stomp preset

Hi There,

Can the MC6 mkii change the HX stomp preset automatically when MC6 changes banks without having to change the HX preset independent from the MC6? And keep all the MC6 presets for the specific HX preset?

For example:

HX Stomp Preset 1 “Song 1” (contains comp, mod, amp)
MC6 Bank 1 “Verse” contains presets 1 (comp on/off), 2 (mod on/off), 3 (amp gain hi/lo)

Hit ‘Bank Up’ on MC6, and it changes to:

HX Stomp Preset 2 “Song 2” (contains drive, mod, delay, amp)
MC6 Bank 2 “Song 2” contains presets 1 (drive on/off), 2 (mod on/off), 3 (delay on/off), 4 (amp gain hi/low)

Is that possible?

Thank you!

Same here. I would like to know if it’s possible and how to set that up.

I havn’t been able to figure this out in the way you are talking about either-- I think for that to happen, you’d need to be able to send out a PC message while sending the bank change. Not sure if thats possible with the dual button bank changes. If you used an external switch on the morningstar with bank/up down messages, then you could also set up the corresponding PC messages for the stomp to respond to.

What I’ve been doing is setting the HX stomp midi thru to off, set both that and the morningstar to the same midi channel, then connect a cable from the midi out on the stomp to the midi in on the morningstar. Now when you scroll up and down on the Stomp, the Morningstar unit moves accordingly (within PC messages 0-29, as there are only 30 banks on the morningstar).

heyo! the new 3.7.1 allows this to happen now. sweet!


I don’t quite understand your question.
Are you asking that that the MC6 controls on/off parameters on Stomp Preset 1, then bank up will change Stomp to Preset #2 and then control on/off parameters?

If so I’d love to know how you set that up.

Oh SNAP! Now I get it, this is something I asked for last year. Very cool for MS in that they enabled it.
Dang, and I only bought 1 flat board midi cable. Ok, so I can’t play with this until I buy new midi cables.

I also hope this fixes the situation where I have say A assigned to DLY On/Off, and I switch to a new preset, I always have to toggle delay on and off to get it to work. Will this fix that?