[Solved] MC6 MK2 switch issue

Having an issue with my MC6 Mk2 purchased last year july 2019 at your premises while traveling in Singapore.
Unfortunately I didn’t had time to test it since, and the problem I’m having is with switch B, which is intermittently working. On the MID monitor, I clearly see that the message is only sent from time to time when pressing the switch
Is it a bug, a hardware switch problem or anything else ? How can i get this solved ?
Thx advance for your support and best regards

Solved by resetting the unit and reprogramming the functions from scratch, strange issue but was definitely a software bug. Fortunately I didn’t had to much functions, only 1 bank and 2 control change messages per switch :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

Just to add more context here from our correspondence over email:
We’ve sent Crigo new switches but issue still persisted after swapping. Issue is fixed after reprogramming some functions.

Hi, how did you reset the unit?

thank you

Do you mean factory reset? The option is in the global settings in the device. There is a Reset function. You’ll need to hold down the corresponding switch to reset.

Indeed was a factory reset.

By the way, I just updated to firmware 3.7.2 yesterday, and one function stopped working
On “A” switch I had a Control change "24 " message (Patch Back function) Value “0” >> after update to 3.7.2 it stopped sending the midi message
On “D” switch I had a Control change "25 " message (Patch Forward function) Value “0” >> still ok
I tried to clear the “A” preset, I set to no action, save, then reprogram the CC, but still not good,
I managed to get it working by copying the “D” preset, paste to “A” and then change the CC to “24” > save and now it’s sending the message properly.
This is very strange…
All this done via the Desktop Editor Version 1.0.12 on Mac OS

Yes, thank you! That helped!