[Solved] MC3 + Chase Bliss - Dip Switches?

Hi there. Just got my MC3 and i’m having trouble getting it to work with my Chase Bliss Blooper.

I’ve adjusted the dip switches inside, so that midi to ring = on, midi to tip = off and power to ring = off

I set up a preset to send a single command on the default midi channel, but no dice

I’ve also tried with power to ring = on, but that doesn’t work either

Any tips?

For Chase Bliss pedals, the setting on the MC3 should be R+ (Down), R (Up) and T(Down), so only MIDI is sent on Ring and everything else is unconnected.

You should try to set the Blooper MIDI channel in case it in not on the default MIDI channel - say to channel 1 for example.

thanks. i think the MC3 is working perfectly. i have the dipswitches in the right positions and i can see midi via usb messages which are correct. i’ve tried every midi channel and different types of midi messages and the pedal isn’t responding to anything. so that leaves the pedal (i’ll contact chase bliss about it), or the cable. i did check the cable with a mutimeter, so i’m pretty sure it’s ok. when i unplug it from the MC3, the pedal reacts as the connection is broken. thanks for your help!

Which port are you using to connect the MC3 to the Blooper?

port 3 or 4, but i have resolved this now. it was the dipswitches on the back of the chase bliss pedal overriding the incoming midi messages. i reset them all and now everything works perfectly. thanks for your help!

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Hi there, i found the same problem with my Thermae + MC3, the MC3 works perfectly, the TRS cable too. the bliss pedal do not respond to midi. I’m just asking how did you reset the dipswitches?