[Solved] Live view not working

I have finally managed to access the web editor with my iPad. Upgraded to the latest firmware 3.7.0 and connecting using the Widi master With webmidi. Working great on both iPads but still buggy on android for some reason but that’s another topic.
I cannot get live view to work . I have tried with being connected to the editor and disconnected from the editor. Nothing happens either way when I click the connect tab . I’m using the link for live view provided on the download page for the previous firmware version as this is the only one I can find. Could this be the problem?
It’s great to be able to use the web editor wirelessly. Having the MC6 and the Widi Master is a game changer. No more monster pedalboard taking up precious stage space.

hey! thanks for the feedback.

I just updated the Live View to work with the WIDI Master. Do let me know if it works for you when you manage to give it a go. Thanks!

Wow, that was a quick response. Working perfectly with WidiMaster now. Thank you very much James.

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