[Solved] How Does SysEx Work On MC-8?

I don’t yet grasp what syntax the MC-8 is expecting for a SysEx message.
The input fields have no letters for hex as far as I can tell. I’m just
getting a “Must be 0-127 error”

I am trying to use the following:
F0 08 23 11 05 03 00 7B F7;
like most modern tools the MC-8 is stripping the F0 and F7=
08 23 11 05 03 00 7B;
MC-8 also stripping the leading 0=
8 23 11 05 03 00 7B
and the trailing bits B is being stripped down to:

anyway, MC-8 will not accept this message. I am using the computer editor. I find no instructions for using SysEx in the MC-8 User Manual. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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On the editor, you need to use base 10 (integer) values instead of hexadecimal values. So in your example, it will look something like this:

Thanks, James :smiley:
I see now the how to is in your MIDI Glossary

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