[Solved] How do you set Morningstar parameter to Access A or B in Strymon B

Hey guys:

I’ve got some presets stored on the Strymon Bigsky and Mobius that require a letter - e.g., 33B or 97A.
The Morningstar Editor will only let me type on the number and not the letter. See screenshot:

What’s the work around for this?

Thanks for the assistance, as always.

you just go up a number…if 33 is A on the Bigsky then 34 will be B…35 will be C…
Starting on 36 you start on A again on the next bank.
Remember that the Bigsky has 3 per bank and the Mobius/Timeline only have 2 per bank so they will go up to the next bank every 2 increments.

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That makes sense.

Thanks, J. You are the man!