[Solved] Having an issue with Dunlop DVP4 expression pedal

I have two Dunlop DVP4 expression pedals that I’m connecting to the omni ports on my MC8 and even after performing the calibration on both of them multiple times, the range from heel down to toe down is not smooth/linear. It jumps from a value of 3 on heel down to somewhere around 82 with just a slight press of the pedal. Full toe down = 127. I noticed in the Morningstar expression demo video, you are using the same brand/model pedal, but the transition from heel to toe appears to be smooth.

Any suggestions?



There’s an internal dip switch on the exp pedal that needs to be switched from ring to tip.

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Thanks, same issue with controller linearity for me using the DVP4, and changing the tip/ring switch fixed it!

Got down to opening my DVP4 and taking a photo. Posting here for future reference: