[Solved] Expression Pedal Dead - Shows 2147 instead of percentage

In my MC6 the Expression 1 Volume pedal stopped working completely. On display where the pedal position did display it reads Position:2147. I have updated the firmware.

I have made sure that connections, cables, and pedal(s) are good. Please help. Any would be appreciated.

Is this the MC6 MKI or MKII? Which firmware did you update to?

It is MC6 MKI and the updated firmware is v2.6.1.

Joseph Herrell
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Can you try v2.6.2 and see if it solves your issue?

I attempted to upgrade firmware to 2.6.2 as you suggested. During the loading of the new firmware it stopped or locked up. After waiting for a while I disconnected the usb cable and now when I reconnect the pedal does not boot and show a row of black blocks where text would be. I think I have bricked my MC6. Is there a way to restart to factory preset of firmware or what should I do? Thanks for your help.

Yes, if you remove the back cover, there should be a program button there. Just press the button with the device connected to the computer, then re-upload the firmware. If you’re still facing issues regarding this, can you drop us an email at help@morningstarfx.com? We can follow up with user issues better there.

Thank you. That worked and now my expression pedal works as well.