[Solved] Can't control Meris Polymoon with MC6 MKII

If I understand the patch notes correctly, I should be able to control my Polymoon via the expression ports on my MC6 MKII. I have both ports set to be TIP active in the global settings, am sending the right message to the proper channel, and have tried multiple, otherwise functioning cables. The midi monitor shows that I’m sending the CC message correctly as well. Has anyone else had issues with this?

Hi. Have you enabled MIDI receive on the Polymoon yet? We included the instruction in our MIDI Dictionary. As follows:

"Hold down the left LED switch while powering up to enter Global Configuration mode. Turn the ‘DYNAMICS’ knob fully clockwise to activate MIDI in. Turn the ‘DIMENSION’ knob to select your desired MIDI channel. No light = Channel 1, Right most light = Channel 2 and so on. Power off and on the pedal to save. "

This was exactly my issue, thank you. I overlooked the “expression” section in the Polymoon manual :man_facepalming:t3: