[Solved] Bank Midi Command not executing with Bank Jump

Using the new Bank Midi Commands feature, I’ve programmed the first 9 banks on my MC6 MK2 to execute a bank change on my HX Effects. It is set to execute the HX Effects bank change when I Enter the bank.

I’ve run into an issue where it doesn’t execute after I do a bank jump command.

For example, If I am on Bank 29, and I execute a Bank Jump command from a preset to go to Bank 1…when it arrives at Bank 1 the Program Change to the HX Effects is not being sent.
When I change banks by way of footswitch A+B and B+C, the Bank midi commands are sent upon entry and the HX Effects changes banks.

Thanks for raising this! We’ll give it a test and update the code if necessary.

Will keep you updated

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I have released an update

It works perfectly now. Thank you, James. Great Job.

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Where is the “Reset Bank Preset” button in the Global Configuration Menu? Can you provide a screenshot or something? I’m having a terrible time finding it and now my MIDI bindings in Ableton aren’t working. I updated to 3.7.1 and I’m kind of bummed that I can’t find this thing I’m supposed to do. Maybe I’m blind but it’s not on my Global Configuration Menu, can’t find anything about it in the guide, and the only time you’ve mentioned it at all has been on the firmware page. I’m lost.

On the MC6 it’s here. Labelled as RstBkPst

We missed this out in the manual. Will update it now.

Thanks James, I navigated there and did that but nothing changed. I’m not sure why simple Note On triggers would mess up in my Ableton after the firmware update, but I’m going to keep pressing on. I’m at least glad to know where that command is in the Global Configuration menu :slight_smile:

Yup it’s there on the 3rd page.

Regarding the Note On triggers, you can check the midi monitor and see if the messages are appear as you expect.

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Okay. Stereo cables connected. Upgraded firmware to latest and greatest. MC8 powers up. MIDI Editor working.

I programmed the MC8 to execute a bank jump from 1 to 11 and then back again.

Nothing happening. I did the GC reset but it is still not working properly. Nothing is coming thru the MIDI Monitor either. Hmmm…

Appreciate some guidance!

be sure you clicked on Disconnect MC8 to exit edit mode. Bank Jumps will not execute in edit mode. Also changing the Press action in Msg 1 to a Release would make sure that it doesn’t accidentally execute when you do Double Tap. Be sure you have a command on Bank 11 to send you back to bank 1.

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Thank you! Will give it a try and report back.


That did the trick!
Thanks again for the assistance. It is greatly appreciated!

Forward ho!

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Is this also for the MC8? I’m on the newest official release and bank jumping isn’t changing my stomp but banking up and down is