[Solved] Bank Jumps don't work when the device is connected?

I’m new to Morningstar so this may well be expected, but just thought I’d check as it seems like something that ought to work (could just be me :D)

So in the editor, if I set up a CC for my connected device (Quad Cortex) it works immediately while still in the editor. If I add a Bank Jump though and then activate it on the MC8 (I’m doing a double tap), it doesn’t work until I disconnect the MC8 from the editor, then it works immediately.

Again that’s probably by design for some reason, but just checking I’m not doing anything wrong or have a fault MC8 etc (I’m on 3.8.8)


Yes, it does not work when connected to the editor. The rationale is that, if the device is set to load presets when buttons are pressed, the bank jump (and other functions) need to be disabled so that when you press to load data into the editor, the devices does not change bank instead.

You can turn this setting off in the Editor Settings tab, which will enable all functionalities in the devices, but will not load any data into the editor on switch press.:

Instead, you can select the preset to editor in the dropdown box:

Ah ok, that makes sense, thanks :slight_smile: