[SOLVED] Aux switch for Amp [DON'T !]

Hello everyone !

I have a Roland Jazz Chorus from 79’s and i would love to use My MC8 as an Aux switch for my Amp . Is it possible ? if yes what Type of Action should I use (for example turn ON or OFF my reverb, chorus Etc…)

Thanks Fam’

Hi there,

It’s not possible to do amp switching. Please don’t try plugging it in :grimacing:

Alright then ^^ Thank you James !

A Suhr MicroMIDI Control will solve your problem.

… and you can control that with your MC!

Also, a company called BECOS ( becosfx.com ) in Rumania make a combo Tube Screamer Clone with built in amp switcher, all controllable via MIDI with your MC!

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Thanks you so much !!!