Solved:Allow Editor to connect through an USB Host as IConnectivity

Hi @james ,

My configuration uses IConnectivity midi routers, MIOXM & MIOXL.
My MC8 is connected on the host interface of MIOXM, just as in this picture taken from the MIOXM management tool in W10.
This is the USB reservation where is the MC8

Each time I need to change some pedal parameter, I have to disconnect MC8 from MIOXM and connect it directly to the PC.
Not a great task but source of errors and windows USB drivers + chrome has always been ‘fragile’.

But in my MIOXM, I have the opportunity to declare a virtual USB port, as if there was a real usb device connected to the PC and route all midi USB traffic between this virtual port to the connected hub and vice-versa.

When I start the online staging editor, it actually find the virtual MC8 but fails on the firmware number as you may see ??

Is it something that could be fixed ? I am sure that all the IConnectivity community (lots of people, many people from the running stage teams) would appreciate the move.

Sorry to bother you with another request, but this one could be such a facilitator.


EDIT : Sorry for this request, I discovered there was in MIOXM preset a filter on my MC8 on the midi messaging, so I created a ‘Manage MC8 Preset’ in MIOXM without these MC8 filters … AND IT Works !!
Very nice, all IConnectivity users will appreciate stopping disconnecting to manage.
Great team Morningstar + IConnectivity.