So, this switch just snapped off, and now mc8 seems to be frozen

I don’t know what to do here. This switch just snapped. Seems it’s plastic inside. I’m not sure what to do. Not only do i need this switch, but the pedal itself is frozen.

From similar requests (try a search), you can buy yourself or buy/get from Morningstar a new switch and swap it in yourself. Easier than shipping your device for repair.

Once i put in a new switch, the controller will not be frozen?

Likely because the switch is broken, something is shorting in the switch so the controller is reading it as the switch being pressed down, so the controller looks like it’s hanging.

You can remove the backplate and unplug the switch cable from the circuit board and the controller should resume.

Yes we sell replacement switches though the shipping fee will cost way more.

There are alternative places to get it too as well. the switch is a SPST momentary normally open switch: