So apparently midi clock is jacked

So when you set it the tempo is off and you can’t even make it receive and syncing all my pedals to one click was my goal here I just bought my pedal it will still be useful just not as one of the most basic types of midi pedals.

Gonna give it some time I hear they are quick with fixing requests so I guess this is my official request. I know they are aware of it for at least 200 days.

There is no documentation about this and might want to include it somewhere so buyers have a list of current features.

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Yes, listening to MIDI clock and passing it through is critical for me too… I hope that they add the feature soon…

The last part “if it’s being used” it t can pass it and will drop the clock.

That’s pretty much useless unless you just use it as midi clock and ignore the other 99% of it.

I do wonder what is the issue with it because it’s a pretty big deal for just about everybody.

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I agree. If it is not reliable then it is not usable for real production.

It is a pity… I’ve also considered it important feature and was surprised that it doesn’t work out of the box…

Hopefully hardware is capable of it and Morningstar will work on this soon :crossed_fingers:. The product is great overall…

I concur with it being top notch there are a few little niggles but nothing major other than this.

I bought it relying on if something like this happened that their word of mouth led me to believe they have top notch support implementation so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Would you happen to know any good layouts l? I’m just going in circles with different organization.

For example having a few universal buttons for navigation or just setting up each pedal on a switch and then use pages.

Trying to get the most out of each button.

Just to clarify, the issue here is that you want to receive MIDI clock from the MIDI Input and pass it through to the MIDI Output? You’re not talking about USB MIDI clock right?

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Well atm I only have one midi cable so I have it going from the microcosm to the mc8 and the mc8 via usb to my pc that is hooked to maschine and axe fx via usb

I read recently it doesn’t do midi over usb or something like that maybe it’s midi clock over usb.

I was just trying to get everything synced best as I can now and make do I just bought a mc8 and microcosm so I’m spent.

I was reading also it said that it drops your clock when you hit a button and throws off the timing.

I use a lot of built in loopers on my pedals so I don’t think there is a way to do it without more midi cables. None of them are trs midi either.

I keep getting stuck trying to get max use out of the buttons so I am likely biting off too much because toggle preset and I get lost and distracted and keep switching my organization workflow and get nothing accomplished.

There’s a setting called MIDI Clock Persist in the controller settings.

If that is turned on, the MIDI clock will not stop sending even if you press a button. This is if you are using the MC8 to generate the MIDI Clock signals.

I’m still not 100% clear about your issue though. Where is your MIDI clock originating from? Are you generating it in your computer and wanting to send the clock signals via USB to the MC8, and then send it out to the DIN MIDI outputs? Or are you looking to generate the MIDI clock signals from the MC8? Or are you wanting to receive MIDI clock from the MC8 MIDI In and send it out to the MC8 MIDI Out?

I’m trying to send it to axe fx an h9 and a maschine mk3 all synced up but they are upstream(connected via usb to my pc which is also connected to the mc8) and a microcosm down stream and only one midi cable that is going from the mc8 out to input of microcosm.

I don’t think it’s possible without buying more cables as the other guy said but I still am unsure of how to setup a compact page for the looper and multiple controls on the microcosm alone I’m still trying to find a layout that is efficient but practical.

So the source of your MIDI clock is your PC?

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Yes. I have a midi interface and I’m wondering if I use the out on it if it will take everything connected to my pc(via usb)and send it midi (out of my interface) and each device hooked to my pc Via usb will be able to work with the mc 8(microcosm doesn’t have a usb cable for it).

I hope this is a clearer description.

Thanks for the help :pray:

One thing I noticed about USB clock signals being generated from the computer is that it is very jittery above 200 BPM. I was using a Waveform 11 to generate the clock. I’ll test it again soon on Ableton.

You can try using your MIDI interface to interface the USB MIDI to DIN5 MIDI, connect it to the MC8 MIDI In, and then use it to pass the messages to your other devices. Let me know how that works for you.

In MIDI 2.0, one new feature is MIDI messages with jitter reduction timestamps, so that will definitely help. More adoption is needed first but this is another topic altogether.


Ok will do.

Would you by chance know if you have the big message number button that toggles between message 1 and 2 need to be on in order for it to toggle between them or is it just sending it on whatever you have it set as?

Trying to figure if I can not trigger press and release commands when I’m trying to execute long hold button presses or double taps

I’m considering an MC8. I appreciate the thought that has gone into the UI and it looks like a great piece of gear.

With regards to possible MIDI Clock issues mentioned in this thread, I’d be really grateful if anyone can advise me if these use-cases are realistic. Or, if I’m asking for a buyers-remorse headache?

Occasionally I’d like to send it MIDI clock, PC and CC messages from my (Windows 10, Linux) PC via USB or MIDI DIN to pass on to my pedal board. Depending on the PC, I’d be using either USB on the MC8 or MC8 MIDI DIN via a NI Komplete Audio 6 mk2, a umc404hd, or a M-Audio Delta PCI 2496.

I’d have an ML5 and/or possibly loop switchers from other manufacturers plugged in the MIDI DIN chain.

When not at the PC, I intend to use presets where I’d “tap-tempo” on the MC8 and send MIDI clock via MC8 DIN out to some Eventide 'factors (Timefactor, Pitchfactor and Modfactor) and sometimes then via DIN to a Moog MP201. Potentially with a thru box, if required.

Also, I’d like to make some presets where sometimes I work with the above pedals and also pass MIDI DIN clock to combinations of;
Behringer Neutron and Model D
Novation Bass Station
Arturia Mini Brute
Boss DR-3

Sometimes I’d like to pass MIDI Din clock to the MC8 from either a:
-Moog MP201
-Arturia Keystep
-Korg SQ1
-Possibly some of the synths mentioned above.

Mostly for the purposes of time syncing the Eventide pedals or possibly my PC’s DAW to accompany my guitar or synth playing.

Planning to plug in expression pedal or two to send CC data at the same time.
I’m not sure if I’ve left out anything relevant?

Appreciate any replies.

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I only know that midi clock can’t be sent via usb. I do think midi clock timing is off when you use tap for it ive seen another guy on Reddit(or here) that said he tested it out but that’s all I’ve heard about it

Thanks for the reply.

I guess the USB constraint could be worked around. Any USB host I’d use has midi din. It’s funny how most of them time, that data would end up traveling by USB. -though (hopefully) the din spec would mean electric isolation occurs.

I did see very recent mention of firmware allowing sending clock values to presets via cc. That could be quite handy.

Pity the tap tempo isn’t necessarily feeling right. That would be an important part of using such a device.


Can anyone confirm if I cans do the following without issues?

Octatrack midi out sending clock (and ideally CC) via 5 pin into MC8 > omni port out to Meris Polymoon receiving the clock from the Octatrack.


I’m basically trying to do the same thing with my DAW. Anyone know how to do it?
Thanks in advance

@James can you confirm that MIDI clock messages sent to an MC8 from a computer via USB are ignored but if they are received over MIDI DIN then the controller will pick them up? I’m trying to control my Chase Bliss Thermae tempo via Ableton and I’m noticing that it only works when I have have the following configuration:

Laptop (running Ableton) -> MIDI interface (USB) -> MC8 (MIDI DIN) -> Thermae

It does not work in the following configurations:

Laptop -> MC8 (USB) -> Thermae
Laptop -> MIDI interface -> MC8 (USB) -> Thermae

hey @cmds4410, yes, MIDI Clock over USB does not work at the moment due to some timing and other issues we are facing when receiving over USB so we have it disabled for now. We’e spent a lot of time working on getting this to work, and will continue to do.

In the v3.8 beta firmware, we’ve changed the code to handle incoming MIDI Clock via the DIN5 MIDI Port, such that it sets the internal BPM on the MC8 and in turn generates the MIDI clock signals.

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