SMARTClock with MC6?

Anybody used the Disaster Area SMARTClock with the MC6? I just really want a BPM read out with my MC6 to my EchoSystem.

Overkill? Probably. But to me it’d be very useful.

I’m guessing I’d go MIDI out from my MC6 to the SMARTClock and then MIDI out to the rest of the MIDI chain? So I’d be sending MIDI clock from the SMARTClock, but how would that work if it’s out from the MC6?

My current MIDI chain is out from MC6 to my BigSky, then HX Stomp. I’m using EXP1 for the EchoSystem. Would I need to go back out from the Stomp to the in of the MC6?


I have a MC6, a HX Stomp and a DAD SMART.clock. I set my preset number on the smart.clock and use a TRS switch to toggle up and down - and go smart.clock (midi out) - (midi in) MC6 (midi out) - (midi in) HX Stomp. This way, the smart.clock is sending MIDI clock through the MC6 to all connected MIDI devices, and I can send old school tap to my analog delay. It also allows me to put a top cap on presets. For instance, this past weekend I had a seven song set, so I set seven presets on the smart.clock, and so “up” from seven is Brian McKnight.

I thought about undermounting the smart.clock and starting with the MC6 and sending MIDI clock to the smart.clock, but I like the setup and flow I have currently. I really do not know if this is helpful to you or not.

I have an MC8 and Smart Clock. I’ve run it a few different ways, and eventually just settled on letting the MC8 be the main clock. If you’re using it just as a read out, you’ll want to setup the Smart Clock to accept midi messages via the “InCH” setup parameter. You’ll send midi clock from the MC6 and your Smart Clock will read “E120” where 120 is the bpm. The “E” means it’s getting its clock from another source.

From there, you’re just going midi out form the Smart Clock and then to the rest of your midi devices. This way you can still use the Omniports on the back of your MC6 for your time based effects.

If you decided to use the Smart Clock as the clock source, you could setup your MC6 to send a PC message to the Smart Clock on bank entry (if you setup a bank to be a song with presets intro, verse, chorus…). You would need to make sure that any time-based effects are in the midi chain after the Smart Clock and not the MC6 omniports.

Hope that makes sense!

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