Small board built around an MC6 + ML5

Here’s a couple of shots of a small board I’ve just spent some time rebuilding to move across to using Morningstar MC6 and ML5.

Getting this to fit the SA250 board was a pretty tight squeeze - when you shut the top deck, the gigrig current adaptors only just clear everything they need to :sweat_smile:. The main power supply is to the right of the ML5, and I had to adapt the board’s power connector a little bit to connect it directly (typically you’d connect this via a right angle adaptor). There’s a current adaptor to the left of the ML5 and another one just above the maiden.

Thing I love about this little rig is the amount of possibilities from such a small space, but I definitely need to spend more time experimenting with patches and different combinations.

I’m currently controlling the CBA Tonal Recall to give me a Chorus as well as regular Delay patches, and the True Spring provides everything from an always on spring reverb, to hall and surf style outboard via the Source Audio Hub. It also does a nice tremolo.

The source audio hub is also hooked up to an expression pedal (not pictured), but I plan to experiment switching that to be connected to the MC6. Currently that expression pedal controls signal send to the reverb (allows more or less reverb to taste) and it also controls the trem speed as well.

Fun fact, the ML5 was so tight, I didn’t need any velcro on the unit to hold it down!


Really nice job there. Excellent skills!

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Wow that’s tidyy! I’m sure that took a fair bit of tetris to fit everything in there.

A Schmidt Array, full of George L’s, and Squareplug… oh, and some really great pedals…
I just shed a little tear of joy :smiling_face_with_tear:

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