Slaving MC6 CLock to Arturia Beatstep Pro


I just received my Morningstar MC6 MkII in the mail yesterday and want to incorporate it into my existing setup which has an Arturia Beatstep Pro (BSP) as the Master clock. How can I slave the Morningstar to the BSP clock? Apologies if this is obvious, I googled it and didn’t find any specific results.

As a side note, it will be connected via WIDI Master.

Thank you!


Why do you want the Morningstar to be slaved? You don’t need it. In my view, the Arturia should give the master clock for all the iidi gear you have connected.

@XLooper thanks for the feedback . . . Yes, I’d like Arturia to be the master clock for or all the MIDI gear. But MC6 has its own clock (correct?). I want to be sure not to create any conflicts or feedback loops. So, I’d like to be sure that the MC6 always follows the Arturia clock.

In the MC-8 manual we have the following explanation of the Global Configuration setting - Ignore MIDI Clock:

“If Ignore MIDI Clock is enabled, the controller will ignore any incoming MIDI clock messages from the USB port. If disabled, any incoming MIDI
clock messages from the USB port or MIDI IN port will set the controller’s MIDI Clock BPM, and the controller will then generate MIDI Clock
messages to be sent out.”.

So, if you set Ignore Midi Clock to disabled, the controller clock will be sincronized to the input clock as slave.


yes, this is correct