Singular Sound/Onsong/Widi

I’ve switched out the Singular Sound Midi Maestro for the MC8 with the hopes of being able to program the MC8 to be more useful than the MM. After switching the two out, I found that my Widi would no longer receive messages from my Onsong app to change the songs on the BeatBuddy. Widi was located at the Aeros Midi Out. I’ve tried relocating the Widi, even adding an additional Widi but nothing. If I do find a location that allows the OnSong app to change the BB songs, my Aeros Looper will no longer receive messages from the MC8…

-BB out (midi-thru) to Aeros In
-Aeros Out to MC8 In
-MC8 Out to BB In

Using Midimittr to ensure connection and have tried other Widi dongles.

I’m getting desperate here. I’d rather not go back to the MM as it is not allowing me to program what I want.

Any help would be great.

Is the MIDI Thru setting on the MC8 turned on? Where in the setup is the WIDI connected?

From the routing you described, the MIDI signal is connected in a loop though, so MIDI thru needs to be turned off in one of the devices if not there will be an infinite MIDI loop

I think that did it. I didn’t have the MIDI Thru setting turned on in the Morningstar MIDI Editor.