Simple Patch Change Layout Question

I’m just getting started with my MC6 Pro, so be gentle. I’m looking for some help with my first bank setup.

For Bank 1, I’m trying to setup some shortcuts to my common uses.
On page 1, I have each preset switch assigned to recall a specific EQ (Source Audio EQ2) patch for each different guitar I switch between.
Preset 1 = Les Paul 1
Preset 2 = Tele
Preset 3 = Strat
Preset 4 = Les Paul 2

How can I setup so when I select a preset, it changes color, or flashes to indicate that’s the one I just clicked? I want it to be obvious on stage that I’m on the correct EQ for the guitar I’m using at the time.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance

Should be able to use the Toggle Mode to set a different Background/strip color for when it’s engaged. Also there should be a setting that clears other presets toggles (when you click on the 2nd preset the active one disengages). Just make sure your midi messages being sent are set to Pos: Both (it’ll send all messages regardless of the toggle state.

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You rock! Thanks for the help!

Also to note if you’re new to the Morningstar family, (not for you use case) but you can leave Toggle Mode off and use the Set Toggle message type to manually toggle. Can be useful for more complex setups or having a multiple functions on one switch with different Action Types. Usually I’m limited by my brain rather than Morningstar’s features.

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Thanks again! Yeah, my head is spinning over all the possibilities. I’d like to see how others are using their Morningstar controllers for live use.

What’s you basic set up/what are you looking for from your controller? Only stepping on the Morningstar vs using with other pedals or do you have anything like a loop switcher (ML5)?
My biggest tips starting out are to disconnect from the editor when testing (certain features don’t work when connected) and take note of all the different Action Types. Release is often better used rather than Press due to how other action types are also triggered.
I highly recommend reading through some of the posts on Waveform Generators for some inspiration too. People doing some really neat stuff there!
Don’t hesitate to ask about anything though. These guys and @james have been invaluable to my different builds.

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So far, I’m using it to:

Switch my EQ presets for different guitars.
Enable/Bypass Tremolo’s and reverbs on my Flint
Tap MIDI tempo
Recall my top few presets on delays, verbs, tremolos

I’ll eventually have some song-specific presets, and will create some sort of setlists. For right now, I just wanted to access my go to items for when I don’t have a programmed setlist.

Nice! I’m about to put together a new board with a Flint supplementing an Ampero 2 Stomp. Stoked to bring it back on a midi board with the new MC6Pro’s relay ports!! Sounds like you’ll have a pretty straight forward set up for now. If you haven’t yet, getting an aux pedal (I use Audio Endeavor’s AUX3 and love it) you can dedicate certain things like tap tempo and page/bank changes to that and not give up the 6 presets.

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I’m actually using an aux switch from American Looper. Slick.

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