Showing Toggle State of External Button Presets

I’ve got an MC8 with 4 external momentary switches hooked up to two of the OmniPorts. The setup works well overall, but there is no visual indication of the Toggle State of presets created for the external buttons, in my case buttons Q and T. I’m using those buttons to toggle the reverb level between two values and to toggle a 3db boost on my FM3, but it’s tough to know whether the boost is on or off or what the reverb mix level is.

For normal presets I’d just enter the state in the name and toggle name fields for the preset in the device editor, but the only thing that shows up for the external button presets is the long name. Is there a way to do this? The only thing that came to mind was somehow sending a sysex message to the MC8 itself to change the long name, but that seems pretty complex and I’m not sure what code would be necessary.


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Bump for more potential feedback.

There isn’t a way to do this. The extra presets controllable by the aux switch, while there, will always have a limitation of no screen real estate for it. If you need to have a visual feedback for the presets, I’d recommend just using Presets A-H or I-P on page 2.

Thanks for the feedback, James. I guess I’ll just need to make those buttons single state, then, so I know what they are going to do.


You could use an on screen Preset toggle to show the status of both the external switch and the built in preset switch. E.g. name preset A as A/Q(on) and the toggle A/Q(off). When you press Q add a msg to toggle preset A. When you press Preset A add a msg to toggle the preset so the display stays the same. Might work for you.

Thanks for the suggestion! That sort of would work, but there’d be no way for me to differentiate between A being on and Q being on. I’m already using the preset toggles for the main a-h presets on/off states.


Yes the obvious flaw is that you can’t use the main preset buttons as toggles if they are being used to display the status of the external buttons. I wonder if your could use the Shift and Shift + states to work around this. It can get quite complex programming workflows having just spend about 6 hours trying to build on myself I have first hand experience on how frustrating this can get. It’s also pretty easy to blow away your whole setup so make sure you take backups as you go so you can always roll back to a known good state if you try this. I certainly wished I’d been doing that today I lost hours of work through just one misstep swapping preset buttons. No undo function in the editor :frowning: