Showing Ableton Locator Name

Hi! This may be a newbie question…

I play both keys and drums for the band. My computer is by the drums and on my keyboard I have the MC6 setup so I can control playback of our backtracks from both places on stage.

Is there anyway I can tell the MC6 to show the Locator Name from Ableton when I press the Next track button I have setup?

Is this possible on the MC8?

Thank you!!! Cheers! :tada:

Morningstar Support sent me an answer for anyone else wondering:

There is no integration with Ableton on the MC6 (and I’m not aware of any possible integration or APIs that can allow this), so its not possible to show the Locater Name from Ableton in the MC6.

Hey Mate,

Not sure if this helps, but there’s a guy called The Ableton Drummer who has a great YouTube channel and has a device that does this for SESSION view… He has lots of neat devices for this type of thing, might be worth a look.