Should i always engage looper mode control when going back into looper from new preset

I have my morninstar controlling my axe 2 looper. when I jump from my home preset bank for example to the looper bank i have set up i have it to engage looping mode which i understand speeds up the response of the switches.

Now when i exit the looper and go back to my home bank i have a disengage toggle which switches off looper mode.

in my looper bank i have 2 switches which i use to jump to 2 banks of presets that i want to use whilst still in effect in looper mode. so i can switch a preset and then toogle back to the current loop that is playing and apply a different sounding preset ie a clean preset for first recording - then jump to another bank for a lead tone and then jump back to looper etc

what i want to know is whether looper mode stays engaged when switching to another bank and will stay engaged when going back to the looper bank or does looper mode auto disengage when jumping to another bank

hence when jumping to my bank of presets i use for looping do i have to use a looper disengage message when jumping to that bank and also then use a looper engage when jumping back to looper bank

also what does “looper mode toggle mean” - there are 3 options engage, disengage and toggle

You have probably already figured it out, but for those who find this thread for the same reason, watch this video