Shipping costs to the US

Not sure where to stick this, so hopefully this is correct.

The order page for the MC6 Pro showed an 80$ shipping cost for my cart, but then offered ~20$ options and no 80$ option when I went to place the order.

This is scaring off buyers over at The Gear Page, so if this isn’t the intent, it might be worth addressing.

(TGP Link: Morningstar (US) shipping costs seem high | The Gear Page)

Thanks for bringing this up!

I didn’t know this was a problem - usually I only see a low amount when I test it:

or no shipping costs when using incognito:

But this is definitely a problem if its showing $80++. I’ll check with our eCommerce platform about this.

Thanks again!

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Thanks again for bringing this up. We’ve fixed this in our ecommerce platform :pray:


Certainly! You all do great work and it’d be a shame for you to lose business over a bug.