Share Your Controller Setup

Hey, all.

I’m currently setting up my MC6 Pro for the first time, and I thought I’d share my current plan, but I thought it would be cool to see how you use your controller.

Here’s my plan:

Home Page

The SETLIST 1 and SETLIST 2 buttons will take me two banks that house song titles. Each song title will take me to a dedicated bank for the song progressions with presets for Verses, Choruses, Turnarounds, etc.
The FAVORITES button will take me to a bank of my favorite sounds I’m building out of combinations of effects pedals.
The DEVICES button will take me to a bank of my 4 midi-controllable pedals (Kernom Ridge, Walrus D1, R1, and ACS1. Once I press a button for a certain device, I’ll have access to a variety of frequently used sounds saved as presets for each pedal.
I’m still thinking through other aspects as I dial in various sounds. I think the work will be worth it, but we’ll see, lol!

Let me see what you’re working with. I’d love to see how you all think through your workflow.


I’ve tried a bunch of different setups lately (including 2 MC6 Pros working together, but ultimately abandoned it because it was just too difficult to get it to work the way you’d want it to). But I’ve settled on (at least for now) a setup fairly close to yours, but I’m using an aux switch with 6 additional buttons to control “navigation” and some other always-needed features. So depending on what the Pro itself is doing, the aux switch handles:

  • Page up/Page Down (I find having to press two switches at the same time too difficult/finnicky to get to work well and quickly)

  • “Pedalboard”–which is a bank that lists all of my pedals and lets me turn them on or off (via an ML10X). If I long press the MIDI-enabled ones (which is most of them at this point), it goes into a bank that displays all the presets for that pedal I use most often

  • “Songs”–a bank that has all of the songs in whatever set I’m going to play–each song being it’s own bank with presets that I use in that song

  • “Loop Order”–shows me the different presets in my ML10X so I can change loop order around if I want to

  • Boost–turns on or off a pedal I use only for boost, so I can easily kick it on and off as needed across different banks and presets

  • Tap tempo

  • Tuner (turns on my LVX and turns on the tuner functionality in it)

That’s pretty cool. I forgot about Boost. I need to make sure I keep that handy.

One thing I’m doing in pretty much every page on every bank is setting the third button to perform a bank jump to my home page if I long press the switch. It’s a little tedious to make sure each page in each bank has it, but it feels like a security blanket for me. lol

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I have historically had a simple layout with just changing effect pedals hosted in Loopy Pro. I’m planning an expansion with these banks.

I don’t like page flipping and I’m trying to constrain myself to the 6 buttons in an mc6 pro without aux switches for minimalism and portability reasons. This im trying to isolate specific bank switches on each page.

I host effects in Loopy Pro and have a screen of widgets which show me the current status of everything, although I also have toggles on the Morningstar that highlight which effects are on.

Appreciate any feedback or ways this could be done more simply!

(For each I use single press / double press / hold as needed (listed in that order below). )

HOME (link to banks)

  1. Amps
  2. Effects
  3. Looper
  4. Dl4 Looper
  5. Play stop
  6. Tap / / tuner

Amps (link to individual amps banks)

  1. ODS50
  2. JTM45
  3. ToneKing
  4. Etc

Each Amp (one bank per)

  1. Clean / / HOME
  2. Dirty / LOOPER
  3. Lead / EFFECTS
  4. Phaser / Chorus
  5. ODC / Cloud
  6. Tap / / Tune


  1. Once / Amp Home / HOME
  2. Gtr 1 / Gtr 2 / Bass
  3. Play / Stop Now / Clear All
  4. 1 (Play / Record / Clear)
  5. 2 (Play / Record / Clear)
  6. 3 (Play / Record / Clear)

Dl4 looper

  1. Record overdub (straight to overdub, then overdub on / off) / Amp Home / Home
  2. Play / stop
  3. Play once (momentary?)
  4. Half speed / reverse
  5. Next loop / previous loop
  6. Gtr 1 / Gtr 2 / Bass


  1. Klon / Amp Home / Home
  2. OCD / Looper
  3. Chorus / settings bank
  4. Phaser / settings bank
  5. ODC / settings bank
  6. Reverb / settings bank

Effects settings banks (for each effect in the FX bank)

These buttons also load the effect interface when pressed (disengage when leave bank?)

  1. Preset 1 / Amp home / Home
  2. Preset 2 / Looper
  3. Preset 3 / Effects
  4. Preset 4
  5. Preset 5
  6. OnOff / / Tuner

A feature I found useful last night is message scrolling. Have you used it before?

My use case is with effects. In a single preset, I can set one switch to scroll through various other presets.

For example. I have some reverb sounds that I use all the time (Light, Mid, Heavy, and Swell). I have these set in my Reverb bank on my controller. I don’t see it, it’s just there hidden away. I set up message scrolling in a preset that allows me to press the A switch on my MC6 Pro. Each time I press it, it engages a new preset. It cycles through the 4 reverb settings with each press. I did the same thing with gain staging. I have an OD1, OD2, and OD3. I can cycle from one to the next with each press of the same button. I’m still building out other scrolling presets for delay and distortion, but I’ve already realized how powerful this feature can be.

Also, what’s really cool about this is I can name each one so I know exactly where I am in the scroll list.

Since you’re already using press, double press, and long press, this might give you even more options without having to move around in pages and banks too much manually.

I can post a screenshot later if you need a visual aid. Just let me know.

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Is it possible to scroll down as well @jblakesims ?
Wondering if you can go from reverb 2 back to reverb 1, or if you always have to scroll through everything to get back to 1 (1,2,3,4,1)

I’d personally love to see how you have things setup!

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Hello… yes, for example a Long Press action on the same switch that you’re using for message scroll Release actions can be set Utility > Manage Preset Scroll > Change Direction.

Then long press changes direction, press and release scrolls