Setting up Aux switch in mc6 Pro Editor

I’m using a three button Loopi Aux switch to try and toogle my FM3 Tuner and scroll up and down one a couple of presets.
I’ve scoured youtube vids and forums for teh last couple of days.
A few things. The computer (PC) consistently fais to connect to the MC6 and when it does only one (centre) button on the three button Aux switch is active. I’ve Checked the Omniport is set to TRS Aux. I’ve tried different cables. The MC6 will respond sometimes, when I press multiple FC buttons at once.
The Aux Switch is supposed to default to presets G H and I but this is not working.
Further, when using Fractal integration I need to be able to exit scenes and scroll up and down banks.
Is it possible to ditch Fractal integration and the Aux switch, just program in the presets and scenes that I want and stop wasting time… I need to scroll up and down through FM3 presets and activate teh tuner is all.

Which Loopi aux switch are you using? It needs to be momentary and normally open.

You need to select which preset you want the aux switch to trigger as shown below. You can then program it to send whatever MIDI messages you want, just like an onboard switch. If you would like the aux switches to function the same way regardless of whichever bank you are in, copy the aux switch presets and triple click ‘Paste’ to paste to all banks.

Thank you.
The MC6 is just behaving erratically.
I’ve given up on the Aux switch and am just using it as an FM3 integrated scene selector, however, where it used to show scene names on the MC6 yesterday this morning the screens are blank, which rules out having a long midi cable run in 4CM mode as I have to see the FM3 screen to have any idea of which preset and scene I’m currently in. Could be a user interface issue but even programming in simple commands is too glitchy and the MC6 doesn’t respond to simple program changes.

Eff it. I powered it down rebooted, Now at least I have preset and scene select with names, I don’t trust it enough to have my FM3 sitting on my amp out of sight , which means long cable runs…