Setting up an aux switch for Global Tap Tempo

I’m using an American Loopers standard 3 button switch and would like to assign the center switch to be a global tap tempo. Any advice on how to do this?

I don’t think there is. I faced a similar issue, I just manually copied the preset for my aux switch into all 30 banks. Annoying yes, but it only takes about <1 minute of repetitive clicking of “Bank Up” and “Paste”. Of course anytime I want to change the functionality of that aux switch I’ll have to reapply the changes to all 30 banks.

Currently the only way is to use the Aux switch to control the extra presets on Page 2. For example, if on the MC6MKII, connecting the aux switch to Exp port 1 and setting the Exp port 1 to “AuxSw” will allow you to control Preset G, H, I in every bank. So lets say you program Preset G to have a “Midi Clock Tap” message, which allows you to tap in a tap tempo for MIDI clock. You can then copy and paste that preset to every bank (on the device, you can copy the preset and then hold down the paste button to paste to every bank). So now each time to tap that switch, it will engage the MIDI Clock tap function.