Setlist Manager Bank Settings Not Saving

I’ve notice when I’m using the Setlist Manager without my device connected some of the Bank Settings get “wiped out” in a way. I’ll save my bank settings in bank 1 for example, go work on bank 2 and then go back to 1 and some of the ones I just saved on 1 are wiped. This includes background and text color reverting back to white and black, the display description toggled off with the Description field blank (even though I saved it with something typed in there) and and Select Exp Messages I have are now all unchecked, even though I saved it with 3 boxes checked. The On Bank Enter message still shows, and it shows it as a Select Exp Messages type, but all the boxes in that message that were previously checked are now unchecked.

Thanks for reporting this. It’s a bug.

I’ve pushed the fix to the beta editor first: Morningstar MIDI Editor

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