Set Toggle on Q-V?

Are we able to Set Toggle on Presets Q-V?

Let’s say I have some different actions (Release, Double Tap Release, and Long Double Tap Release) that I’d like all to disengage the toggle of a preset, but I’d like Long Press to toggle the preset. So basically the toggle is always off until a Long Press, after which the next action turns it off again.

One way I’d accomplish this is Set Toggle on the first 3 actions to Disengage, and set Long Press to Toggle Preset. However, I’m unable to Set Toggle since I’m using Preset Q. Is there maybe another way by manipulating the Toggle Mode? Thanks for the help!

I have 4 buttons set on a separate 6 button footswitch (using the Q-V) to change to different stages of gain on my kemper. I wanted a toggle on 3 of them to activate a lead boost. This is what I did…

I picked button H (which I use mainly for Page switching) and added an action on a Long Double Tap Release to perform a preset toggle (shows Lead On blinking) and activate my Lead boost.

Then on those 3 buttons, I have a Long Press set to perform an action for Engage Preset. This remotely sends the command from those 3 buttons to engage the action on Button H.

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This feature isn’t there yet, but we’ll try adding it in v3.9

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