Set loops with ML5

Is there a way to use a “set loop” functionality with the ML5 like there is with the ML10X? I want to engage or disengage various loops via MIDI control, but I don’t always know what other loops are on when I’m doing so. I want to be able to say “I want loops B and C on and everything else off,” regardless of what was on or off at the time I send that command. That’s possible with the ML10X with “set loop” instead of “engage loop” or “bypass loop.” But I don’t see that functionality in the MIDI implementation for the ML5.

If that’s not possible, any other suggestions? I tried using the bypass all loops command first (which is annoying, but workable), but it seems like sending both messages in quick succession (bypass all, and then engage) confuses the unit and it doesn’t actually engage the loop when I use both commands.

There is, but you have to do it with PC messages instead of CC messages and create a preset on the actual ML5.

  1. click the loops you want on using the buttons on the ML5
  2. click the learn button on the ML5
  3. send the desired PC message to the ML5 with your controller

Every time you send the ML5 that PC message, it’ll engage the saved loops and disengage anything that wasn’t saved.

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