Set a counter value with an other midi devices

I look around and don’t find a way to set a counter values with an external midi device. What I want to do is simple, my Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 40 don’t respond to clock or time. I need to compute a CC value to reflect it and be able to set the delay time. [For your comprehension : CC equal to 0 when the tempo was under 51millisecond and 255 over 1360millisecond (it’s a 8bits number transmitted with 2 CC commands CC#4 and CC#36). Between 51 and 1360ms, the CC number send is : Cc values = (the tempo [OR Tap Tempo time] in millisecond -51)/(1360-51)*255]. It’s not implemented at this time in the Morningstar functionalities.

The way I do now, I set the delay time (CC values) with counters [exemple 117 Bpm (513ms) I set counters for the corresponding CC values, for 117 BPM it’s 90]. Each time a recall a preset [Exemple 1A], I send 2 midi messages, Msg1 call the preset 1A to the H&K GM40 and the Msg2 send to the GM40 the delay time with the counter values [90 in this exemple]. This way I replace the preset delay time with the one I want whit the counter. If I change the song and the BPM, I could recall the same preset 1A and Msg2 send the delay time with the new counter values. My limitation with it, is the delay time always fit to the fix defined values and « If my drummer or me are out of tempo », I’m lost, no way to adjust in real time.

What I plan to do, is add a device to my set-up to compute a CC values with a Tap tempo to feed the MC8. What I’m looking for is the way to send the midi commands to the MC8 to set the counter values with an external midi devices. If I’m able to do so, all my setup will continue working as is and I will be able to adjust the tempo in real time when it’s need. Someone could help me to how set counter value with external devices?

Thanks in advance for your help

There currently isn’t a CC implementation to set the counter values yet. Are you looking to set that counter value so that you can use it to send a CC message?

Just throwing in some alternative ideas. What device are you planning to add to compute the CC values? Is it DIY? If so, how about adding that device after the MC8 instead, such that you can just send a specific CC message as “tap tempo”, and then that device receives those CC message, determines the tempo and then sends out the required CC message to set the delay time on your H&K?

@james, thanks for your answer and proposal. For the device I’m looking around with custom pedal maker. I have 2 they probably be able to do it. I don’t explore dealing with an incoming tap tempo Cc command yet.

The objectif with the counter is to be able to keep the values of the corresponding CC fix when I’m Tap tempo in a counter and using it each time I send a PC message to change preset on the H&K with the Morningstar (after each PC message send to change preset on the H&K, I sent the CC to set the tempo with those counters). This way I have a persistant tap tempo until the end of the song. On the Morningstar I have a Setlist bank witch I set a define value for the tempo for each song and set the corresponding counter value before jump to the specific song bank. Having persistant tap tempo could be a useful function and with a long press you go back to clock value was what I’m looking for. But with the H&K that not respond to clock, the counter is the solution I used now.

With your proposal of dealing with the incoming CC tap tempo message from the MC8, I could probably make the pedal as a translator and implemented specific midi message to manage persistant or not and send the CC command to the H&K that I will send after my PC message when I change preset. Thanks I thing about it.