Sending Subdivision of MIDI Tap Tempo to Strymon NightSky's Sequencer

Hello, I’ve been using a switch on my MC8 to send synced tap tempo to my Strymon Volante and NightSky (and soon to be Hologram Microcosm). Only problem is, I can’t possibly tap fast enough for the NIghtSky’s sequencer, and I’d rather it be a subdivision of the tapped tempo of the delay, for example. Is there any way we can send a different subdivision or fraction of the MIDI Tap to different MIDI channels? For instance, send a full 1/1 MIDI Tap to the Volante (MIDI channel 1), and 1/2 or 1/4 of the MIDI Tap to the NightSky (MIDI channel 2)? You could also set up a switch on your MC8 that changes this on the fly. This would be truly awesome to get all your MIDI pedals synced exactly how you want!

Unfortunately not. In the MIDI standard, MIDI clock messages are global, so all your devices will receive the same MIDI Clock tempo. Usually, the subdivisions will be done on the device itself though.

Thanks, James. Do you or anyone know of another device that could take midi clock and subdivide it separately to different devices?

This is a late reply and you might have solved this issue long time ago. Or came up with a workaround.

But for anyone else with similar issue, searching for a midi clock divider hardware led me to this one:

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