Sending Midi pattern

Hello !

I have a suggestion and wanna know the if its doable.
Can the MC8 be used as a midi pattern sequencer ? if yes is it possible to like upload midi pattern as .mid file in it ? Maybe having a midi learning on the fly when you play a keyboard (plugged to MC8 Midi In) ?
Use it like some kind of midi Looper ?

I dont know if its clear enough or possible. Or if this could interested people

Doesn’t interested anyone ?

I don’t exactly know what you’re saying, wish I could help.

I would love to use my MC8 as a Midi Sequencer , record Midi Pattern for song etc…

You’d better buy a real sequencer, using sequences on MCxx heavily loads its CPU and slows down its normal usages as a Midi Controller.

Thanks you for the reply ! i will look on this direction then .

You can have a look at Arturia Beatstep or Keystep, nice entry price tools. But there are hundreds of dedicated sequencers and they are easy to manage using Morningstar MCxx.

Yeah for sure in that matter it’s easy to program . And what do you think about using it like a Midi Looper , having a “Midi Record, or play /stop” action that can record , note or CC value Change and loop it. This too would be too much processing for the MCxx ?

It’s up to each user to find its own usage of a midi controller but looking at the MCxx I don’t think the evolution path is very large and it should keep doing well its initial job of midi controller.
All the evolved usages you mention require high level hardware and hours of dev/test.
Doing ‘poorly a feature’ just to get likes on Social Networks would not play in favor of MCxx on the long term.
Morningstar will decide.