Sending MIDI note on messages to the DL4

Hi everyone!
I want to use the note on messages to use my looper parallel to the delay but can seem to get it to work.

Thats how i tried,but no succes:

I know to use the looper with CC but i am curious how this works :slightly_smiling_face:

Any hel appreciated,thank you!

Try Note On with velocity of 127.

A Note On with a velocity of 0 is actually interpreted as a Note Off message in most devices.

Also, based on the DL4 Manual, I don’t think you need to send a Note Off message.

HI i tried that also with the TAP on one siwtch looper but threres no change.

Try sending C0 (MIDI Note #12) instead of C-1 (MIDI Note #0). They might be using a different octave definition.

Hey james,
mhh it still dont receive any message.
i tried all the other c but nothing happens.

Did you set velocity to 127?

We don’t have the DL4 so can’t test - but I believe you can use CC messages to control the same functions as well?