Sending CC messages after engaging PC message

Anyone have any idea how to send a CC message to a device after a device preset is recalled all in one press? I am trying to make small adjustments in a saved preset with a CC message but the PC# must also be sent each time. Really hoping for an instantaneous action.

The closest I’ve come to getting the desired result is using the waveform generator and making the min and max cc values the same. But there is a slight ~0.5 second delay.

This little problem has been driving me crazy, any help would be really appreciated!

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I have presets that send a pc# followed by a cc# in my set up but needed to add a delay between the two messages for the receiving pedal to catch both. Should just be a matter of using 2 actions both set to Press (or whatever as long as they are matching). Am I misunderstanding the problem? Maybe post a screenshot what you’re working with.

Actually I’d set the pc to press and the cc to release. Most devices can handle this. I don’t think it can be done without a delay inbetween messages because it takes some time to boot the preset

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This is the essence of the challenge. Some devices are great at queuing up midi messages others simply handle one message at a time. There’s also a ‘Delay’ message type that can slow things, along with a setting in the Morningstar controllers that can add lag between message sends.