Sending a "Bank Up" or "Bank Down" CC message to MC6Pro from another device

I’m trying to send a Bank Up or Bank Down CC message to the MC6Pro from my MC6 MKII, and its very erratic. It tends to skip around, jumping a couple of banks at a time. I’ve tried to set the MIDI message delay longer on the MKII but nothing seems to help. If I configure buttons internally on any page of the MC6Pro banks to Bank Up or Bank Down, it works fine. I’ve even tried sending a CC message from the MKII to press a specific button tied to Bank Up or Bank Down, and the behaviour is still unstable. It seems as though external CC instructions to the MC6Pro for Bank Up and Down are problematic. Perhaps I have overlooked something?

Just confirming I do not have any MIDI loops or conflicting MIDI IN signals either.

Hi. We’ve just tested it in our shop and it works well. Attached video below. Are you settings the same as the screenshots show below?

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Yes thanks Brandon. Exactly the same. Thanks for confirming. Good to know.

I am also using a Roland UM-One with MIDI In & Out on the MC6PRO. Perhaps I have my MIDI thru configured incorrectly. I’ll investigate more.

Hi Brandon,

All sorted. It was a MIDI Channel conflict.

Your confirmation assisted greatly.

Thank you.