Send MIDI Messages when Toggling Page

Hey! I want to request a feature where we are able to send MIDI Messages when TOGGLING Page in the same bank. Either by using the B+C combination on the MC8 or through external footswitches. I think this would be useful for people with a page that contains “all my presets for the current song”. So we can automate, which presets get selected automatically when we enter the page, set the correct tempo, change which pedal the expression pedal affects and so on. Thanks!

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I believe this got added a little while back under the Bank Settings :slight_smile:

Not quite… those functions ‘on enter page 1’ and ‘on enter page 2’ trigger when entering bank… this request is for something when page toggling. Parent thread / background: Cannot change MIDI CLOCK Tempo when Toggling Page - #5 by james

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Absolutely correct! That’s what I meant

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Yes, we’ll need to add new event types for this in the next update. Maybe something like On Page 1 Toggle and On Page 2 Toggle to just capture the page toggle events within the same bank.


+May be more than 2 pages/bank for MC8 …

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Honestly, that wouldn’t be a bad udea. Would love to be able to access the third page without using external footswitch

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This functionality would be awesome. I have a use case ready to put into action straight away!

Just adding my request here as well.

I expected that “On Enter Page 1” meant “when toggling to page 1” and same for page 2.

Would be very helpful to have that “Page 1 Toggle” and “Page 2 Toggle” option.


Came searching for this exact answer, thinking the same thing, that every time I switched back to page 1 from page 2, the “on enter page 1” message would trigger. Definitely would use the “everytime i enter page 1” option!