Send MIDI clock value without updating master MIDI clock

I’m trying to figure out how to send a unique MIDI clock value for a specific preset without updating the master MIDI clock value that I’ve tapped in to the MC6Pro to sync all my time-based effects.

The use case is that I have a slapback preset on my DD-200 that I’d like to have a short delay time (80ms or 750bpm). If I send a MIDI clock message as part of that preset, it updates the master MIDI clock for the MC6Pro and overwrites my tap tempo to 750bpm for all my time-synced pedals. Can I send a unique MIDI clock value somehow?

(note: the reason I’m trying to send MIDI clock to the DD-200 instead of using its Time CC parameter, is because Time isn’t precise enough to dial in exactly 80ms — it basically just chops the time knob up into 128 increments and I have to pick between 68 or 92; not a huge deal, but it does sound a bit different and I’d like to see if I can fix it).