Send MIDI CC/PC FROM Ableton Directly to Pedal through Morningstar MC_

I have an MC6 Pro (could be any for this example). I want to send MIDI commands (PC and CC) from Ableton using CLYPHX Pro directly to different pedals that in my MIDI path (that starts with MC6). CLYPHX allows for the specification of MIDI PC and MIDI CC messages and I can confirm that they work at least to control the MC6. For example, I am able to bank up and bank down using the cc 0 and cc 1 messages shown in the manual. CLYPHX requires the following format: [name of command user determined] MIDI CC 16 0 127,

Where name is anything, MIDI CC designates a CC command will be sent to [16] channel 16 which is what I have set my MC6 Pro for, the CC command of 0, with a value of 127. This effectively banks up (same with CC 1 banking down). I have replicated with CC4 Toggle Page, but many other CC messages don’t function when addressed using the same methods (e.g., Engage preset (CC 10 - 33). Getting Preset function is ONE thing I’d like to get my head around.

The second issue is that don’t seem to be able to use the same MIDI channel designation for any other pedals in my midi chain. For example, I have a H90 on the midi circuit (say it is Midi Channel 2)… I can’t send any commands to that pedal using the channel 2 designation even though I know I can use the same CC or PC commands from MC6 Pro to run that pedal.

Obviously if this is a CLYPHX problem I’m barking up the wrong tree - I’m just wondering if anyone else has managed to send a MIDI command to a a pedal from Ableton that is not the MC line of switchers (but that has to pass through the switcher). I’m thinking of isolating a downstream pedal next (with some considerable disruption to my board).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


‘Engage Preset’:
CC# determins which preset will be engaged in the currently active bank.
CC# 10 will engage preset A CC# 33 will engage preset X
The CC value determins which ‘action type’ will be performed. CC 0 = do nothing; CC 1= press etc.
If you’ve programmed preset A to send a message with a press action you’d have to send a CC# 10 ; CC value 1 to trigger that message.

There is a MIDI through matrix setting in the ‘controller settings’ / ‘general configuration’. You should check if incoming midi on ‘USB Device’ is passed through to DIN Out and/or Omniports

Thanks - I have read the 6 Pro manual and understand the concepts (having spend a few years with midi).

Rather than try to get other pedals to work - I’m focused on just getting the MC6 Pro to do what it is supposed to do using CLYPHX (still a suspected perpetrator). For example.


This works. It is set to gate and no loop. Thus when clip 1 track 1 is launched, it correctly results in a page down in the MC6 Pro (regardless of what Bank I am on or what page I am on - it even cycles from page 4 back to page 1 if I launch it on page 4). Clyphx code sequence has a name in irrelevant what it is then MIDI CC (which is the command), Channel (which is 16 as I have set my MC on that channel), 4 (the actual CC#, and 127 (the value to send to CC#4). Manual says CC#4 is a toggle page function that can accept any value (in my case 127).


This second command doesn’t work - it uses CLYPHX PC syntax and sends a PC#6 message to the same destination - the MC6 Pro.

I assumed it would take me to Bank 7 and nothing happened … WELL ALMOST NOTHING - what I do notice is that the right LED panel flashes everytime in launch the clip… no change in bank. Morningstar midi editor not active or connected. Just MIDI signals using Focusrite DIN to DIN input on MC6

I really don’t know how I can trouble shoot this as an MC6 vs a CLYPHX problem. I am unaware of other ways of sending PC messages from Ableton - off to look for a Max4Live device… perhaps that can help trouble shoot.

Can you try testing this with the editor?

For one of the Msg, just set it to “Program Change” and then click on the “Msg x” button on the left side

This will bring up a utility function to send PC messages from the Editor to the MC6.

I just tested using this and was able to jump banks using PC messages sent from the editor

Instructions were a bit cryptic. I am not having problems sending program change messages from the MC6 Pro to different pedals.

I am having problems sending program change messages from my PC COMPUTER in Ableton using CLYPHX PRO MIDI PC commands to any pedal (MC6 PRO or any other pedal in the midi chain).

I seem to be able to send CC messages from my PC COMPUTER in Ableton using CLYPHX PRO MIDI CC commands. Further, starting Ableton always sends start message to my BeatBuddy which is first in line after MC6 PRO in midi chain. MIDI Temp/BPM also are transmitted from my PC COMPUTER in Ableton. It seems to be a problem with PC commands. Please see my graphics. Same syntax is used in CLYPH PRO - MIDI CC Channel CC# CCValue vs MIDI PC Channel PC Value. Shouldn’t PC 6 send me to Bank 7?

Ok. I see what you were trying to do. I sent a PC message to my H90 (channel 3) by setting a message to no action, program change, PC4, channel 3 (H90)… then clicked the msg1 button and it changed to PC4. Still doesn’t solve the problem of actually using ABLETON to run program changes.

Talking PC or CC to any pedals in the midi chain is the least of my problems right now. Even if I had set up a Song List that set all midi pedals to configuration in Bank 10 Preset 1… I can’t get Ableton to select Bank 10 Preset 1 since I can’t get Ableton to send any PC messages to MC6. That would be a solution that could get me by. Ultimately having control over all my midi pedals from ableton by selecting their channel would be optimal - which is what CLYPHX seems to be able to do

Search above link for MIDI commands

I know you’re having problems getting the MC6 PRO to respond to PC messages you are trying to send from Ableton. What I was trying to do is to replicate the sending of PC messages from my computer (since I dont hav ClyphX or Ableton installed in my current machine), and the MC6 PRO responded as expected when it received a PC message from the editor.

So I suggested to try the same to see if it works for you. If it does then we can rule out the issue about the MC6 PRO not responded to incoming PC messages on it’s USB device port. And can narrow down the issue to ClyphX itself.

That make sense in terms of isolating the problem - your click msg trick does send the message designated in the action (with no MC6 press actions). I have reached out to CLYPHX to see if they have any recommended solutions. Have you seen any other CLYPHX messages in your tour of the forums? I’m going to clyphx forums to search for morningstar. Can’t believe I am the ONLY HUMAN using both products… but I guess it would serve me right!

One more testing thought. Can you suggest a way I send a PC message from my computer to the channel of the MC6 Pro WITHOUT using your editor? If my computer can send a PC message to MC6 outside of the editor, then we have ruled out communicating between laptop and MC6 Pro is the problem… that would help narrow down the situation.

CLHYPX wants me to post on their Facebook page but I left facebook and am not about to join again.

Update. Plugged MIDI directly into MKII bypassing MC6 Pro. I was able to send one (but not all) CC messages to the MKII directly. When I put the MKII back in the chain and send the same working CC message (bypass) that had to go thru the MC6… it did not perform the desired action (bypass).

Hey I am not familiar with CLHYPX and I have not tested with a MC6 Pro, but here is my advice for Ableton and the other morningstar controllers.

To control an MC3, MC6 MKII or MC8 via midi use the morningstar editor to configure the following Controller settings under the General Configuration section…

  1. Set the Midi Channel to the desired number 1-16. It should have it’s own channel from the other pedals to avoid conflicts.
  2. Midi Thru and Cross MIDI Thru should be turned ON, there may be a few setups that require one of them to turned OFF. Hover over them to get extra info and consider what makes sense for your setup.

Skip to the 1min mark in this video, it will give instructions for how Ableton needs to be configured for this purpose.

You will still need to get your guitar pedals configured correctly, but that should hopefully cover the Ableton side of things.

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Trevor - please keep on being Trevor and helping out folks on the forum. I suspect it was the pass through combination that you suggested I play around with that fixed the situation.

I am now able to control one or more pedals (in isolation or in combination). I am also able to jump to a bank and activate a preset (say with a release command).

Thanks for your help. If anyone else finds this and is having trouble. Happy to share with you the details of my codes, Ableton setup, and MC6 Pro setup.


Sick! Glad it helped!

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