Selectively clear toggle states on MC8

Hello everyone!

I’ve been a reader of this wonderful forum up to know and got to the point I need to make my first post since I cannot find what I’m serching for (sadly).

I’ll simplify my request as much as possible.

I have:

  • preset A which is toggleable and sends several PC and CC messages in both toggle states
  • preset B which sends PC and CC messages
  • preset C which is toggleable and only sends a single CC message to control the ON/OFF status of a certain feature on pedal X

The logic is that presets A and B are indeed “preset” switches, meaning they change my guitar sound from A to B as desired, while preset C is more of a “ON/OFF” button that i could use independently when being euther in preset A or B, without “changing my current preset”.

So far so good, everything works. The thing is that I would like to reset the toggle state of switch A when engaging preset B, but I’d like to leave the toggle state unaltered when i press preset C to toggle that certain feature ON and OFF.

I know that I can do this by setting a Press action on Preset B that sets the toggle state of A, but since I have more of such “B presets” and more of such “A presets”, and considering also that in some of these prests I am already sending 16 messages, I would like to find an alternative way.

I know that I can set “Clear toggles tates” as a Bank setting, which is cool and goes in my direction, but in this way also Preset C would clear Preset A toggle state when pressed. So I am wondering, is there any option or message that I could set the, to make Preset C not behaving like a normal Preset and thus not triggering the Clear toggle state when pressed? If not, is there any other way I could possibly do this?

Thank you

Hi, the ‘set toggle’ message type is what you are looking for. This allows you to toggle specific presets on/off.
We issued a request for ‘toggle groups’ which can do the same thing. James promised to concider this in a future update.

I am aware of the ‘set toggle’ message, but I believe there is not such option to set toggle state to ‘current in use’, or am I wrong?

Currently you’ll have to build your own toggle group by using ‘set toggle’ messages.
For example:

Preset A - ‘set toggle’ - ‘disengage’ - ‘B/D’ (check boxes)

Preset B - ‘set toggle’ - ‘disengage’ - ‘A/D’

Preset D - ‘set toggle’ - ‘disengage’ - ‘A/B’

Presets A, B, and D are now linked together and will toggle each other off without changing the state of C.

If you don’t have space for another message because you’ve used all 16, you can program some messages on a different unused preset and use ‘engage preset’ to extend the number of messages of any preset.

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