Selecting Preset on web editor doesn't changes Preset on device

Since 3.9.4, when I select a Preset in the web editor I can edit it but that preset doesn’t get active in the MC6, but when the changes are saved in the device like if everything works fine.

Not sure if I understood the issue. What do you mean by “the preset doesn’t get active in the MC6”? Are you able to share some screenshots of the issue?

Sorry for my bad explanations.
For example, I’m in the web editor, bank 1 Preset A, and my MC6 is on bank 1 Preset A. So, if I change in the web editor to Preset B the MC6 stays in Preset A. If I change the bank in the combo box to bank 2 my MC6 stays on bank 1. But if I use bank up or bank down in the editor my MC6 do the bank up or down.

Thanks for the explanation. Is it possible for you to share with us a video of the issue so we can have a better understanding of what might be the problem?

Have you checked out the Load Preset Data option in Editor Settings?

“When this option is enabled, you can load data into the editor using switch presses, but certain functions like Bank Jump or MIDI Clock are blocked in the Controller. You will need to disconnect the controller from the editor in order for all functions to run. Alternatively, you can disable this setting. All functions will run, but you will not be able to load data into the editor using switch presses. You will need to use the Preset dropdown box instead to select a preset to edit.”