Selecting Exp Pedal while in toggle mode is off


when I’m in toggle mode OFF, and I press on the button, the expression pedal doesn’t respond. When I release it, the exp pedal respond.

In toggle mode ON, it works good.

Am I missing something, or is it not possible to activate the EXP pression when toggle mode is OFF?

Thanks for your help, as well as for the great machine!

Hervé (from Belgium)

I can think of a few things it might be, so if you could you post a screenshot of your preset it would help narrow it down.


here is the preset screenshot:

thanks for your help!

hi Hervé, Do you mean that you when you are pressing down on the switch, you are also moving the expression pedal?

Hi James,
yes, that’s exactly what I mean!

Unfortunately by design, that does not work right now - the switch needs to be released in order for the expression preset to be engaged.

OK, thanks for the quick answer!