Seamless Amp Modeler Switching: Maximizing Guitar Tone Variation with Camelot Pro and Morningstar MC6-Pro

I’d like to use Neural Amp Modeler ( within the Camelot Pro (Camelot Pro: virtual instrument software management | Audio Modeling) environment. Right now, there is no preset control with MIDI using this plugin, so you need to load multiple instances of the plugin with your different amp settings.

How can I use multiple versions of this plugin within Camelot Pro and switch the audio routing using the Morningstar MC6-Pro footswitch? I have the MC6-Pro footswitch sending CC messages so I’d like for Camelot to listen for these CC messages and switch on and off audio routings to the different plugins in response. Does this seem like the easiest way to do this?

I’ve been able to get this to work using Ableton Live but not Camelot yet…need help figuring this out.