Scrolling HX Stomp blocks

I just ran into this use case and thought I would pass it along:

I have been trying to figure out the best way to program my MC8 to control the HX Stomp. I am initially trying to get the most out of one preset and have my main signal chain setup with 8 blocks on the Stomp. I am assigning each block a MIDI CC control for bypass (11 - 18 to correspond with the block positions 1-8). Most everything I can control easily via snapshots or single/combined CC messages to turn blocks on and off as needed. But I have 3 delays I would like to switch between on the fly and not control with snapshots, so my problem was how to turn one delay on while making sure the other 2 turn off using only MIDI CC messages.

It didn’t occur to me, initially, that I could use Message Scroll and program press actions as well as the scrolling release actions.

So on my preset, the first 3 messages are Release actions with the corresponding CC number and value to turn on the individual delay blocks. Then, I have 3 messages that follow triggered by the Press action that turn all delay blocks off. So:

  • Press = all delay blocks bypassed
  • Release = next delay block in the scroll activated

Seems obvious in hindsight but my brain was stuck thinking I could only use release messages when using Message scroll. This actually works perfect since it allows me to bypass one block while activating the next in the series with the same physical action. I know this can also be accomplished via Snapshots but, I have other uses for the 3 available Snapshots in the preset.